The Law Offices of Lynette Williams

The Law Offices of Lynette Williams is well equipped to handle your estate planning needs.  Combining an eye for detail, clear communication, and cutting edge technology, Lynette Williams is committed to treating you with integrity and individualized care.  She realizes that each client's case is unique and takes the time to discuss and understand your individual needs and requirements in order to effectively put an individualized estate plan in place for you.   

Lynette believes in taking a holistic approach with each client in order to obtain a complete picture.  She will address any of your concerns, including: 

  • How to avoid probate
  • How to protect assets
  • How to minimize taxes
  • How to prepare healthcare and end of life documents
  • How to plan for retirement, business succession, and potential future incapacity

Whether you are single or married, gay or straight, embarking on a new career, starting a family, or preparing to retire, Lynette Williams will structure an estate plan that will handle your unique needs.

Once you hire the Law Offices of Lynette Williams, you will become a client-for-life.  Since life changes happen, as well as changes to tax laws, Lynette will arrange for periodic reviews of your of your estate plan to ensure that it is always remains up-to-date.

Free Review of Your Estate Plan 

With the exception of irrevocable types of trusts, Estate Plans are living breathing entities that need to be reviewed and updated periodically.  Throughout the course of many years, we have noticed quite a few estate plans that were not quite up to the standards that they should be.   We have come across some estate plans which did not have the assets transferred into them, rendering all the time and money spent on developing the plan virtually ineffective.    We would be more than happy to take a look at your current estate plan, as a courtesy to you, to determine if it could be better optimized for your current situation according to the latest tax laws.  Please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and introduce yourself and we can have a quick chat on how to set up a review of your existing estate plan.

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