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Starting a family? Do you have an older relative with Alzheimers? Are you a business owner looking to retire? Are you a non-married partner in an LGBTQ relationship? Basically, anyone with dependents and financial assets is a candidate for the protection and peace of mind that a comprehensive estate plan can provide.

You may already have a will in place.  But did you know that if you have a will without a trust, your estate will end up in probate?  The Law Offices of Lynette Williams will assist you with creating a will and trust that will ensure that money is available without undue delay to those you wish to protect.  The beauty of putting together a trust is that it can protect beneficiaries who are not well equipped to handle money, as well as minor children, physically or mentally disabled dependents, or those suffering with addiction or any other situation that might put your estate at risk.  Feel free to call the Law Office of Lynette Williams to discuss your unique needs.  (323) 251-6011

Whether you are just starting your family, have a special needs child, or feel that one of your beneficiaries is too immature or reckless to handle a large inheritance, the Law Office of Lynette Williams is here to help you care for your dependents.  Call Lynette Williams at (323) 251-6011 to discuss setting up an estate plan that will ensure the best outcome for your specific situation.

Our beloved pets are just as much a part of the family as are our children. 

If, God forbid, something were to happen to you, who will take care of your pets?  Will they love and care for your pet in the same way that you do?  Unlike a will, a Pet Trust is immediately effective upon your death or disability.   Learn more by visiting our Pet Trust page.

As we get older, we realize that we need to start planning for the legal decisions that will protect us from others doing things that might be against our wishes.  Difficult decisions such as, do you wish to be resuscitated in the event of a deadly health event?  If you become incapacitated, who will be responsible for your physical well being and who will manage your financial affairs?  An Advance Health Care Directive allows you to appoint a person to make health care decisions if you can't speak for yourself.   

Give Lynette Williams a call to discuss these difficult situations and set up a plan that will ensure your wishes are carried out per the terms you have decided in your estate plan.

Are you a business owner?  Do you have an established Medical or Dental practice?   Are you looking forward to retirement in the near future?  Have you given any thought as to who will take over your business upon retirement, death, or disability?   Obviously, the first step would be to identify the ideal successor to take over your business, and then determine the best selling arrangement.

Call Lynette Williams to discuss how a Business Succession Plan works and get the ball rolling on passing on your legacy to your chosen successor.

Do you have a highly appreciated property that you are afraid to sell due to capital gains taxes?   A Charitable Remainder Trust will allow you to sell your property without having to pay capital gains.  As well as several other wonderful benefits.

When a person dies, federal estate taxes or state inheritance taxes could result in a significant loss of one's estate.  Even the most basic estate plan can allow married couples to reduce or even eliminate estate taxes by setting up tthe appropriate trusts as part of a revocable living trust.

Call Lynette Williams at (323) 251-6011 to get the ball rolling on keeping the most amount of your money in your pocket or in the pocket of your heirs.

We all have a cause that is important to us and would want to support.  Many people consider charitable giving as part of their complete estate plan.

Donating highly appreciated assets to charity can be an effective way to achieve significant tax savings.  Charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts and private foundations are all effective ways to give while minimizing transfer taxes.  If you have philanthropic goals that you wish to incorporate into your estate plan, Lynette Williams can help you achieve that goal.